October 04, 2007

A crack of light

There are cracks of light are appearing as the free market is slowly creeping into the last bastion of Socialism.

The old rationing system of you would get what you are givern, normally nothing, has started to change so that relatives can barter amoungst themselves to try and set up exchanges of organs in order to get one that will match what they need. The first such exchange has just taken place. Like in all free market exchanges both parties benefited.

The next step will probably be to allow multiple exchanges between multiple people to try and get the right organ to the right patient. Working across this kind of mesh of exchanges to try and find the optimum configuration is a difficult problem which would be greatly aided by using software to do it. Luckily such software already exists and the NHS could start using it now[2]. Not that they would on past experience preferring rather to spend millions and fail miserably, but with the NHS' record on data security this might be a good thing.

However there is a way to make this even more efficient. This way would be able to handle a potentially infinite number of exchanges simply and without the need of lots of computing power to run complex algorythms. Instead of bartering organs directly you can use an intermediate form that does not have to be exchanged for an organ, something that can be exchanged for whatever the person in question thinks will make them most happy. Something called money.


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